A-Cube: a model for integrating childcare, nursing, and disability services in Japan

Azalee Group, headquartered in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, on August 1, 2023, reopened “A-Cube,” which integrates nursing, childcare, and disability services.


Globally, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are progressing. In line with Edogawa Ward’s slogan “Living Together, Edogawa Ward,” efforts are underway to realize an inclusive society. Azalee Group has been managing childcare and nursing services for over twenty years and aspires to actualize an inclusive society where “no one is left behind and people support each other.” This led to the creation of A-Cube in Edogawa Ward, a facility co-housing childcare, nursing, and disability services.

A-Cube Chief Producer, Josh Grisdale Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Member of the Committee for Facilitating Mobility / Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Member of the Research Project on Travel Support for the Elderly in Need of Care / Edogawa Ward Member of the Edogawa Future Conference / Edogawa Ward Member of the Committee for Establishing a Mobility Facilitation Policy

Key Features:

Childcare and Education Services

Azalee Nursery School: Focuses on “self-esteem nurturing care” for infants and “education-focused care” for older children. It incorporates “STEAM education” within experiential activities, providing educational childcare through play. In collaboration with the NPO KultureCity®, it’s the first facility in Asia to be certified as sensory inclusive, offering a “Calm Down Room (Snoezelen Room)” equipped with gentle sensory materials.

Azalee Famille Nursery School: Caters to children aged 0-2, enabling staff with children to work while their children are cared for. The staff includes approximately 10% foreign nationals.

After School Club Azalee Academia Shin-Koiwa: Offers after-school care aligned with parents’ work schedules, focusing on “STEAM education” and experiential learning, including programming, Go classes, English lessons with foreign instructors, and various summer programs that foster curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Nursing Services

Azalee Rehabilitation Club: Introduced “Rehabilitation × Muscle Suit,” developed by Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi of Tokyo University of Science. This suit helps the elderly maintain a healthy posture by resetting the pelvic position.

Safety Floor: Developed in collaboration with Professor Yasumi Ito of the University of Yamanashi and Toppan Printing, this floor material reduces fall impact by 45%, lowering the risk of fractures, a major cause of immobility in the elderly.

Azalee Cocokara Plaza: Activities targeting relatively healthy elderly individuals and focus on building a sense of purpose, physical fitness, and engaging in hobbies.

Disability Services

Azalee Rehabilitation Club for Integrated Life Care: Launched in August 2023, this service provides essential community support including bathing services for adults with disabilities. It fosters natural interactions between childcare children, after-school club attendees, and elderly day service users.

About Koujukai

Founded 25 years ago by Dr. Koji Kurisu, Koujukai consists of social welfare, educational, and medical corporations. Driven by his experiences in nursing care, Dr. Kurisu established the corporation with a vision to provide services that enrich lives and embody the essence of living. The group continues to expand its services tailored to local and user needs, centering on welfare, medical care, and education in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo.

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