Preparing to Celebrate Summer with Inclusion and Community at A-Cube

At Azalee Group’s A-Cube facility, we are excited to prepare for our upcoming Summer Festival, scheduled for the week of July 8. This annual event brings together children from Azalee Nursery School, participants from our disability day programs, and seniors from Azalee Rehabilitation Club and embodies our commitment to fostering an inclusive and interactive community where everyone can have fun together.

An elderly woman and a child are seated at a table, both wearing gloves and masks, working together at removing a plum stem

A Week of Fun and Connection

The Summer Festival is a highlight of our calendar, filled with activities designed to bring joy and engagement to all participants. This year, we are particularly proud of the collaborative efforts that have gone into the preparations.

Making Memories with Plum Syrup

In preparation for the festival, our 5-year-old nursery school children teamed up with seniors and individuals with disabilities to create homemade plum syrup. This syrup will be used to flavor shaved ice, a traditional and refreshing treat often found at Japanese festivals.

The children, guided by their teachers and assisted by the seniors and participants with disabilities, learned how to remove the stems from the plums and prepare them for syrup-making. Through the activity of removing plum stems and binning them in sugar, the seniors and nursery school children were able to naturally deepen their interactions.

The festival will feature a variety of activities, from games and crafts to dances and, of course, the much-anticipated shaved ice treat with our homemade plum syrup. 


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Embracing Our Inclusive Mission

At Azalee Group, our mission is to create an environment where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can thrive and find joy. The Summer Festival is a testament to this mission, showcasing the benefits of diversity and inclusion. By bringing together nursery school children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities to enjoy special cultural events, we aim to create a community where everyone learns, grows, and has fun together.

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