Azalee Group provides the three essential services of nursing care, education, and medicine to meet the multi-generational needs of our community. Our fundamental philosophy is to provide the means and facilities for our users to actively pursue achieving things independently and enjoy a fulfilling and happy life. We strive to be continuously involved in the various lifestyle stages of our community and, through each of our offices, deliver the services that meet our users’ individual needs. Our core priority is our users and their families, community contribution, and facilitating the means to achieve self-realization at work for our colleagues.

In addition to continuously providing dedicated nursing care and childcare services, we also strive to create an environment that our users and the community find enjoyable and satisfying. Last but not least, as professionals who have a tremendous appreciation for the continuous support of our community, we aim to be a group that operates open-minded and comfortable facilities for all.


Since the opening of Azalee Edogawa Intensive Care Nursing Home in April 1999, Koujukai, Azalee Group’s Social Welfare Corporation, has continued to evolve hand-in-hand with our local community in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. Our care practice focuses on supporting and nourishing independence in our users. Independence-support nursing care is a type of nursing care that fosters physical, mental, and social independence, and our ultimate goal is to support our users to lead independent lives once again.

Encouraging intergenerational exchange, we provide regular cross-facility events that expose our users to interactions with students from our nursery schools and daycare centers. We also actively welcome visitors from overseas.

We have also recently established a community complex called “A-Cube” that will further strengthen our services through increased diversity and inclusion. 

Azalee Gakuen

Since the opening of Nagisa Kindergarten in March 1979, Azalee Gakuen, Azalee Group’s Educational Corporation, has provided educational services at kindergartens, nursery schools, and childcare centers in and around Tokyo, each with its unique characteristics. In line with our group’s fundamental values, we provide education and childcare services that nurture independent thinking, problem-solving, and innovative approach.

One of our core educational methods is STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. By focusing on nurturing those essential skills, our goal is to train students to accurately read and engage with various types of information and debates, explore their curiosity and individuality, and embrace free-thinking. We want to encourage them to actively think and make decisions independently, regardless of their surroundings or conditions, and become creative problem-solvers who don’t easily give in to obstacles.


A-Cube, which stands for Accessible Azalea for All, is a unique inclusive facility which embodies the area’s commitment to a coexistence society, aligning with the slogan “Living Together in Edogawa.”

A-Cube serves as a pioneering model, exemplifying Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives by creating a space where children, the elderly, and people with disabilities interact and support one another seamlessly. Key features include specialized childcare programs that incorporate STEAM education, the introduction of assistive technologies like the “Muscle Suit” for elderly rehabilitation, and the first sensory-inclusive facility in Asia to be certified by KultureCity®.

This initiative not only addresses diverse local needs but also promotes a model where different generations and societal groups can coexist and support each other seamlessly.

If you are planning a research trip to Japan or are a member of the media and would like to get to know our facility, please use the contact form below. We are eager to welcome you to A-Cube.

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